Friday August 2 2019, DjangoCon AU Track, C3.3, 13:30 AEST

One of the biggest developments in web technology in the last few years is the emergence of WASM - Web Assembly. But what is WASM? Can you use it in your web projects? Should you? And if so… how?

Web Assembly, or WASM, is perhaps the biggest change to come to the Web since the introduction of JavaScript. It has the potential to radically alter what we think of as “the Web”, and how we program for the Web as a platform. It’s especially interesting for those using Python web frameworks, because it provides a path for executing server-side web application logic as a client-side capability in the browser.

In this talk, you’ll get a gentle introduction to WASM, covering both the history and theory, and the practical approaches you’ll need as an author of WASM code. You’ll learn about the tools that exist to help you write WASM code, and how to use those tools as part of your Python web projects today. You’ll also learn what the future may hold for Python on the web.

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Russell Keith-Magee

Russell Keith-Magee

Dr Russell Keith-Magee is the founder of the BeeWare project, developing GUI tools and libraries to support the development of Python software on desktop and mobile platforms. He is also a 13 year veteran of the Django core team, and for 5 years, was President of the Django Software Foundation. In his day job, he wrangles data pipelines for Survata. He lives in Perth, Western Australia with his wife, two children, and two animals that claim to be cats but have almost no feline properties.