Friday August 2 2019, Science and Data Track, C3.6, 11:10 AEST

Dash is a great Python framework for building data visualisation websites. In this talk I discuss the framework basics, explore a sample site and describe its use for an enterprise application to graph crime statistics. I finish with clear pros and cons of the Dash framework from our perspective.

Watch 'Using Dash by Plotly for Interactive Visualisation of Crime Data' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Leo Broska

As a Mathematician, Data Miner and Social Scientist I develop software for 20+ years. I looked into programming with Python approximately 15 year ago - because block definition by indentation intrigued me.

Since then I have used Python for development in various projects from CLI tools to web apps to data exploration. Currently I focus on crime data analysis in the Australian context.

I live with my wife and little son in Australia’s calm capital Canberra - under mostly beautiful blue sky. :-)