Sunday August 4 2019, C3.4 & C3.5, 10:30 AEST

One of the best things about Python is the vast ecosystem of packages available on the Python Package Index. Shipping your first Python package can be intimidating. This talk aims to remove the mystery of Python packaging and enable you to share your code with the Python community.

This talk aims to introduce developers to the tools and processes involved in publishing packages to the Python Package Index. We will also discuss more recent additions to packaging that can be used even if you are a more experienced package maintainer. The latter portion of the talk will be dedicated to talking about how you can automate releasing via CI to make future updates a breeze.

After watching this talk, attendees should leave able to publish packages to the Python package index and have an idea of how they can leverage CI systems and tagging to automate publishing future versions. The only prerequisite is that attendees should have a basic understanding of using pip and the existence of PyPI.

Watch 'Shipping your first Python package and automating future publishing' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Chris Wilcox

Chris Wilcox

Chris is a developer at Google in Seattle, WA, USA and works on the Google Cloud Platform Client Libraries team, focusing on dynamic languages and their users. Before joining Google, Chris spent 6 years working on compilers, cloud platforms, and developer tooling for Microsoft. He brings a passion for enabling developers everywhere through better tools and libraries. In his spare time you can find Chris running or cycling nowhere in particular or riding his motorcycle.