Sunday August 4 2019, C3.6, 14:50 AEST

Python and serverless technologies are a great way to quickly scale a project, but what can you do when things get complicated? Here are some patterns to keep you sane.

It is great that we live in a technological climate where we can rapidly develop tools to deploy systems at scale without the need for configuring servers, at very low cost and with historically low effort. It is also great that developers are inheriting this new world. Saying this, it is also very easy to make life hard for yourself if you don’t step back and apply some code project patterns as you go. So what patterns can be used to stop a complicated mess?

From the perspective of a developer who has moved into infrastructure build in the cloud, this talk will go over:

  • Serverless patterns in AWS that can be used to orchestrate the creation and clean-up of highly scalable systems using Python,
  • Go over tools to maintain code quality and kill project smells,
  • How you can scale your libraries as things get more complex.

Watch 'Orchestrating complex (not complicated) tasks using AWS serverless and Python' on PyCon AU's YouTube account

Michael Kelly

Michael is a Senior Cloud Engineer at Versent in Sydney. Michael has been coding in Python for 10 years and loves building scalable apps with Python in the cloud. Other than being able to drink heroic amounts of coffee, Michael also holds a PhD in Computer Science, is a cyclist and beagle whisperer.

Michael also likes to share his automation ramblings at AShinyCloud.