Saturday August 3 2019, C3.3, 10:30 AEST

I will talk about challenges and wins that have come from introducing Python into a multilingual microservices kubernetes architecture with lots of legacy.

We operate an IT architecture that includes both multilingual microservices in kubernetes and a legacy monolithic application which has resulted in some interesting challenges.

In this talk I will cover a real wide range of challenges in implementation, interoperability and performance that we’ve faced, and some common practices and tooling we’ve settled on.

I’ll talk about the inside of our code and the outside, both in general terms and with specific recommendations and pitfalls to avoid.

I hope you’ll come away encouraged that we’re absolutely scoring wins with Python in microservice land, and with some help to get you winning too.

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Richard Jones

Richard Jones

Richard has been working with (and occasionally on) Python for over two decades, and loves to share his experiences and the many, many things he’s learned along the way.