Friday August 2 2019, Security and Privacy Track, Cockle Bay, 11:10 AEST

Australia is reshaping data privacy and security aggressively on multiple fronts.How can you manage data security and privacy in your projects while the sands shift around you?

There is an astounding array of data privacy and sharing legislation in Australia. From the Privacy Act, the Census and Statistics Act, and the Archives Act, to the My Health Record Act, the recently passed Access and Assistance Act and the impending Data Sharing and Release Act, not to mention things like GDPR.

It’s all undergoing a fundamental rethink, and while this happens, you still need to ship product. How do you even start to deal with this?

Learn about various oddities, loopholes, gaps, and traps for the unwary in the current array of legislation, and how it’s changing.

We’ll look at some concrete examples of projects that have hit problems, and how you can avoid those problems.

Learn how to care about data privacy and security without getting overwhelmed, and where to go for help.

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Justin Warren

Justin Warren

Justin is a technology analyst and Python coder who helps tech companies with their marketing when he’s not filing Freedom of Information requests via He is the founder and chief analyst of consulting firm PivotNine Pty Ltd.

He is an accidental journalist and has written for, CRN Australia, iTNews, and The Saturday Paper.

Justin is a board member of Electronic Frontiers Australia, a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and holds an MBA from the University of Melbourne.