Saturday August 3 2019, Cockle Bay, 09:20 AEST

The Nature of Organisations, People, and how to Change Them

What do we do, and why do we do it? In a world where DevOps and the Cloud demand new mentalities and modes of thinking from our technologies, we need to dive deeply into how people act in organisations, and the impact that this has on our ability to work and grow, and how to change things — for the better.

As the defining voice of the ideas of “Contempt Culture”, Aurynn is working to change the very nature of how we create and work with new technologies, and the questions that we must answer as we do.

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Aurynn Shaw

Aurynn Shaw
Invited Speaker

Aurynn is the founder of Eiara, a DevOps consultancy based out of Wellington, New Zealand, focussing on helping clients develop technical DevOps capability, and the cultural knowledge to use it. With over a decade of experience as a professional software developer, Aurynn’s expertise ranges from modern cloud deployments to massively parallel supercomputer environments.