PyCon AU hosts two lightning talk sessions: One on Saturday afternoon, one on Sunday afternoon.

What are lightning talks?

You get the stage, your laptop and 5 minutes to give a talk.

Your talk should be:

Your talk cannot be:

Our lightning talks are recorded and uploaded to YouTube. The recordings from last year’s lightning talks can be found here: Saturday, Sunday. Even more videos are available at this link

When do I submit my talk idea?

Submissions to give a lightning talk will open at the registration desk during mornign tea (Saturday and Sunday).

For each day, we will accept submissions at registration until 10:30am (end of morning tea), and you’ll be notified by 12:20pm (start of lunch).

Please note that registration is a busy place in the mornings. If you’re coming prepared with a lightning talk in mind, we love your enthusiasm, but please wait until morning tea to put your submission into the box.

How do I apply?

We will be taking submissions in two groups: first time speakers and experienced speakers. If you have given a talk at a conference before, lightning or 30-minute, you’re an experienced speaker.

To apply, head on over to the registration desk where you’ll find the lightning talk submission box. Write your details on one of the cards and place it in the box. Include on your card:

The TL;DR is important. Your talk will be announced with your name and title only. We want the TL;DR to be exactly what your talk will be about. We want the spoiler, the prestige, the summary. Your card will not be on public display, so spoilers are OK

There will be two boxes at registration, clearly marked for the two groups. Place your card in the box for your group to submit a talk.

Every one who submitted a talk for consideration will be notified of their result.

We can only accept so many talks, and any submissions left over from Saturday will not roll over into Sunday.